REview rubric

If you have found yourself curious about scores while perusing our reviews, take a look to see what criteria goes into a review score. Remember, the words are the most important part, a review can never be boiled down into a simple number. If someone asked you about a friend, you wouldn’t say “they’re about a 6, just okay”. So, try to look beyond just the final score.


A Perfect Score. This doesn’t mean perfection. It is a cultural milestone. This score transcends preference, if you don’t like a specific medium, you still need to experience this. Watchmen, a comic everyone should read. BioShock, a videogame everyone should play.


A 9 is amazing. There’s not much to critique, it excels at exactly what it aims to be. It doesn’t transcend the bounds of the medium, but it’s one of the best within that medium. This will usually be the top of the scale, the 10 and the 1 are reserved for extreme situations. For all intents and purposes, this is a ‘must buy’ recommendation.


Really good. There are still parts that could’ve been improved upon, but this is still top of the line, great work. The blemishes are more noticeable than a 9 or a 10, but this is a great score. This could mean that on the concept, it has maximized what it can, but maybe the concept wasn’t the strongest.


Solid. A 7 is a good product. We recommend it. It’s got some issues, but nothing big enough to stop it from being good. It may not excel like higher scores, but don’t let these ones pass you by.


It’s Okay. It’s alright. Something can land this score because it has a lot of good and a lot of bad, making it a mixed bag. Or, it could be a piece that is ‘fine’. It might not excel at anything, but doesn’t offend either. This is where fans will still buy in, but those who are reluctant, might think twice.


The true middle of the road. Rather than an ‘F’, we think a 5 is a totally neutral score. The piece does nothing exciting, nothing harmful. It really just exists. Because of that, we can’t recommend, but we won’t condemn. Personal fandom usually tips the scale towards a 4 or a 6 though.


Troubled. We usually reserve this score for something that has a lot of potential, but it isn’t meeting it. We’ll usually assign this to good ideas, with poor execution. It’s to say, that the product has barely crossed the border into ‘bad’, but with some adjustments can be something better.


If a 7 is a solid ‘good’ score, the 3 is the solid ‘bad’ score. It’s just solidly poorly executed. Maybe the concept isn’t developed, maybe dialogue is bad, characters, etc. It’s the average ‘bad’ score. But, it’s not 100% bad, there could be something good hidden within or on the surface layer only.


Terrible. We’ve moved beyond bad into awful. These scores are pretty rare, very few things deserve a 2. This means that the reviewed item has almost no merit, it doesn’t adequately or competently handle almost any facet of its existence. There might be a redeeming quality, but it’s not enough to bring up the rest.


If a 10 is a Cultural Milestone, a 1 is a Cultural Disgrace. This is the Unicorn of scores (or maybe the Chupacabra), if something is receiving a 1, it usually means that it’s very existence is insulting and damaging.

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