Superman: Man of Tomorrow #15 Review

Part Two of Hero Envy, this is the conclusion to the overarching story that Robert Venditti had been building to throughout his Man of Tomorrow run. Was it all worth it though?


We left off last issue with a cliffhanger, Superman running away from the fight with Metallo. He had broken into S.T.A.R. Labs to talk to the Parasite and we see the intentions of his plans. Meanwhile, General Sam Lane wants to explode Metallo’s heart, against Lois’ wishes.

I really liked the conversation between Superman and General Sam Lane. It was the perfect verbal showdown between different ideologies and showed us what makes Superman so great. His need to save, not defeat. He is able to use his voice and his compassion to turn Parasite and never stops believing that they can save Metallo.

Plus, Venditti gives us some great Lois & Clark moments as well. I think Venditti has done an amazing job on Man of Tomorrow and this is the culmination. It would be so tempting to put Superman in an all-out brawl for his final story, but Venditti opts for something smaller-scale, to stay true to the emotional core of Superman. It’s not his physical strength that makes him special, it’s his heart.


Is Paul Pelletier the definitive superhero artist in the game today? Okay, maybe that’s a bit hyperbolic, but seriously, his work embodies the Superhero genre. This dude never has an off day, I never read a Pelletier issue and think “man, this isn’t his best work”. Every issue is his best issue.

He nails the action, the characters, the momentum, and, the small moments. Towards the end, the storytellers opt to not use any text for a visual callback and it works wonderfully. Great composition and I love when writers let the artists do the heavy lifting. There’s also a panel where the background is falling out of focus gradually. I guess I’m just a sucker for stuff like that because it gives it such a cinematic feel, separating those layers amped up the energy of the scene for me.

I’m not going to pretend to be an inking expert but I’ve liked a lot of stuff Drew Hennessy worked on like Green Lantern: New Guardians and Sinestro. Adriano Lucas gets to really let loose those coloring skills with bright greens from Metallo’s Kryptonite blasts and Parasite’s purple skin and electric arcs around him. Made for a fun fight scene.

Whatever Happened to Tomorrow?

I don’t see any advertisements for a Superman: Man of Tomorrow #16 on ComiXology or at any DC website. So, is this the end?

If it is, that’s unfortunate because this has been a great book for Superman fans to get to enjoy Superman while not needing to keep up on continuity. I would love to see this book back, maybe with a focus on Clark, Lois, and Jon again because we’ve been desperately missing that dynamic in our lives since Bendis took over Superman (not disparaging him or his run, I’m just saying that I liked what Tomasi/Gleason had going on during Rebirth).

I want to say thank you to Venditti and hope that this isn’t the end.

Final Score: 8/10

I love when they draw Superman’s eyes like this

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